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Al-Sunnah Scotland

Al-Sunnah Scotland is an organisation that seeks to develop the skills, knowledge and intellectual potential of Muslim youth.

Our aim is to deliver an educational programme of inspirational events, training and activities designed to offer Muslim youth a positive route through which to acquire knowledge and skills for personal development and to equip them to become successful contributors for the benefit of their community and society.

The educational programme will be supported through a mentoring scheme where Muslim youth will have access to and the benefit of guidance and support of experienced professionals and celebrated personalities from a range of backgrounds.

It is intended the mentoring scheme will act as a gateway through which Muslim youth will themselves become leaders and role models and in turn can support their peers to engage in the betterment of their communities and society in general.

The ethos and principles of the organisation are based on traditional Islam of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaa’t Hanafi Barelvi school of thought.

Al Sunnah Scotland aims:

  1. To relieve poverty and exclusion faced by Muslim youth by building their capacity, skills and positive experiences achieved through development initiatives, participation in education and training
  2. To advance education through the provision of information, training and mentoring
  3. To advance equality and diversity through capacity and leadership building programmes